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Working hours: I-V days
Working hours: 09:00-18:00
Salary: Negotiable

Job Description:
● The supervisor protects the object's movable and immovable property and property by means of various methods in accordance with the task assigned to him;
● To control the release and in-facility regimes of the department;
● Be vigilant and avoid interruptions when performing control activities;
● Request relevant documents on products, materials, property and raw materials brought to or removed from the facility;
● Check the conformity of the amount of cargo actually delivered or removed with the amount and names of the cargo specified in the accompanying document;
● In the event of information about the theft of goods and material values belonging to the enterprise, to inform the relevant executive bodies in accordance with the instructions of the management;
● Requiring the employees and other persons of the protected object to observe the exit regime, the intra-facility regime;
● Checking employees' belongings during entry and exit with or without technical means;
● To justify the time, place, circumstances, detention of the person who committed the violation, the need to use physical force or special means in case of violation of the law in relation to the controlled object;
● Identify and prevent risk factors;

● Sincere, polite and patient approach;
● Work efficiently according to a precise and tight work schedule;
● Ability to solve problems;
● Be reliable and responsible;
● High focus;
● Physical and spiritual endurance;
● Privacy.

Benefits: registration according to the labor code, list of discounts, competitive salary, office in the city center and the most important friendly environment.
Note: Dear candidate, please indicate in the message the expected salary, and in the subject line the name of the position "Security"

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